Moving Tips

Your Comprehensive Guide for an Easy Move

Our Moving Tips

Drawing on our extensive experience in moving, we offer you a comprehensive checklist to prepare for your move and make it even easier.
Feel free to print it out and use it as your checklist!

Individual Move

3 Months Before the Move:

  • Terminate the lease
  • Notify the internet provider, telephone company, and cable operator in advance
  • Submit a request for a new phone number
  • Gather information about your new residence
  • Find out about schools near your new home in advance
  • Take measurements of your new residence and make a plan
  • Determine in advance who will disassemble what
  • Order flooring
  • Order curtains

1 Month Before the Move:

  • Confirm the moving date
  • Submit a leave request at work
  • Arrange with your bank to transfer to a new bank or branch near your new residence
  • Cancel the gas subscription at the old address
  • Submit a request for a gas subscription at the new address
  • Schedule an appointment with the gas installer at the new and old addresses
  • Cancel the water subscription at the old address
  • Submit a request for a water subscription at the new address
  • Schedule an appointment for meter readings
  • Inform schools and collect reports and certificates
  • Consume frozen products and reserves
  • Get the necessary moving boxes (from Adrien et Fils movers)

2 Weeks Before the Move:

  • Take out insurance
  • Inform the health insurance fund
  • Inform the doctor
  • Make sure to get your medical records and reports
  • Inform municipal services

1 Week Before the Move:

  • Provide your phone number to the Adrien et Fils team
  • Schedule an appointment for handing over the keys to the old address, as well as the new address
  • Duplicate keys for the new address
  • Inform regular suppliers of the new address
  • Inform the landlord/caretaker/property manager
  • Temporarily deposit money and jewelry in a bank safe
  • Ensure someone watches over children and pets on moving day
  • Schedule an appointment to turn on the heating at the new address
  • Return borrowed books to the library
  • Submit a request at the post office for correspondence to be automatically transferred to the new address
  • Check that nothing has been forgotten at the cobbler, dry cleaner, etc.
  • Check that all lockers (school, sports club, etc.) have been emptied

1 Day Before the Move:

  • Defrost the freezer and refrigerator
  • Ensure sufficient parking space for the moving truck
  • Unplug electrical appliances

Moving Day:

  • Ensure you have enough cash on hand
  • Have gas, water, and electricity meters read
  • Drain water pipes in case of severe frost
  • Discuss operations with the Adrien et Fils project manager
  • Tell the moving team what you need first at your new address
  • Do a final check before departure

After the Move:

  • Check for any damage caused by the move
  • Dispose of empty moving boxes
  • Visit the new municipal house
  • Update your address on your ID card and driver’s license
  • Receive transferred correspondence
  • Contact the new bank branch
  • Check that orders have not been delivered to the old address
  • Meet with new neighbors, suppliers, associations, etc.

Change of Address Notification:

  • Family, neighbors, friends, colleagues
  • Medical professionals (doctor, dentist, pharmacist, veterinarian)
  • Insurance agencies, brokers
  • Utility companies (electricity, water, gas)
  • Service providers (internet, telephone, cable)
  • Post office, bank, school
  • Sports clubs, recreational associations
  • Municipal house, library
  • Newspapers, magazines
  • Notary, mutual insurance company